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What is the weather like in Ireland in the summer? What clothes will I bring?
It is very mixed and extremely unpredictable, so come prepared and bring a wide range of clothes from shorts and t-shirts to rain coats and at least one jumper/sweater/fleece. Always bring swimming clothes for an indoor swimming pool and a tracksuit and runners/trainers.

Do I need to bring towels?
No, the family will supply you with towels for showers and for the swimming pool.

Should I bring a present to my host family? What should I bring?
It isn’t necessary to bring a present but it is nice to bring a small gift from your home country, maybe some well-known cheese or chocolate or even a book with a description and pictures of where you come from.

What if I am allergic to something?
If you have any allergies, please let us know on booking your course. We will inform the family and they will not give you anything to eat that you are allergic to.

What is the food like?
Every house is different. We don’t have any fixed traditional food that we eat more than others so lots of families eat a range of food from all over the world. We love Italian pasta and pizzas as well as Mexican tortillas and enchiladas, Japanese sushi, Chinese stir – fries, Indian curries and even Hungarian goulash. We also eat a lot of potatoes and you might find your host family might eat our dinners of meat (chicken, pork or beef), vegetables and potatoes (roast, boiled or mashed) on a regular basis. If there is anything you really don’t like, please tell your family when they ask you on your first day and try to enjoy the new experience of a different diet for your stay in Ireland.

What time are meals?
Breakfast is when you get up; usually cereal and/or toast with hot milk or tea or coffee is served on most days but some families might have a traditional Irish “fry” at weekends which is a hot breakfast and consists of sausages, rashers, a fried egg, pudding and maybe mushrooms and beans.
Lunch most days will be a pack lunch which your family will give you, usually consisting of a sandwich, a drink, a bar, some fruit and maybe a packet of crisps or a yoghurt.
Dinner is usually served at 6pm and then we might have a light supper before bed which might be some toast and a drink or some biscuits.

What if I need to visit the doctor or pharmacy?
Inform Avril or your host family and they will make an appointment and accompany you. Please bring your EHIC – European Health Insurance Card, which will cover any doctor’s visits and prescriptions while you are here. They will do everything they can to help you.

Who do I talk to if I have a problem?
Depending on the nature of the problem, speak to the person you feel most comfortable with – either Avril or one of your host family members. They will do anything they can to help you.